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Friday, February 24, 2017

Aveniro - Glass Files

Aveniro  - Glass Files 

Hello, I’m here again with some new nail files from Aveniro. Today I am reviewing a foot file and two nail files. I was impressed with the previous files, but the new ones are even more fabulous than older ones.

Let me start with the foot file. It is smaller than the file I saw on their site. The size (55x110mm) of this file is perfect because it lays in the palm of your hand. You have more control, and can get to all crevices of your feet. This file comes in its protective sleeve, and it’s easy to keep clean with a small brush and some soap and water. Like all the glass files in general, that is why I prefer them over the paper ones. The pedicure file has two distinctive sides. The coarser side that removes calloused skin and the smoother side that serves for the finishing touches.
I am absolutely in love with it. I use the more rough side first, to get the most of the hard skin off, and finish with the normal side to smooth everything out. That way I get smooth and silky feet. I really enjoy using it and highly recommend it.
Just to point out that I do not have really rough skin on my feet. I maintain my feet regularly, and do not have any major problems. I use the file once a week, with some feet cram after, and my feet are happy and good looking :) 

Other two files are nail files, medium and small duo files. They also have the ‘regular' roughness and more intense 'double' roughness side. I use the more intense side to manage the length of my nails, because it’s really fast to file your nails with this side. And I use the other 'regular' side to shape my nail and do the finishing touches.
I must say that I really enjoyed using them. And I would recommend them if you have harder nails, and struggle with shaping your nails. Now I only use these files to maintain my length and shape, because it’s fast, I have all in one tool. Earlier I had to use a nail clipper to shorten my nails, if they get too long. I do prefer to only use the file, but sometimes I am too lazy to go over the same nail ten times, just to get them to the desired length. Now the rough side cuts the time and effort in half. Regular glass files with 'regular' roughness were good, but this 'double' roughness is even better.

To conclude, I am really positively surprised with these glass files and I can’t wait to see what new files they come up next.

You can find them on the Aveniro website click here

Aveniro's info about the files;

Full-area foot scraper F82 - DUO
  • abrasive working surface covers the whole area of the foot scraper so that the scraper is maximally effective and efficient 
  • the unique shape and sizes (55x110mm) ensure smooth and comfortable use
  • we provide plastic cases in attractive spring colors: yellow, green and pink
  • 8mm thick glass ensures its strength and resistance to breakage
DUO files 2 in 1
  • the rougher side of the file is highly abrasive yet gentle to your nails; it enables fast and easy shaping of the nail 
  • the smoother surface serves to final neatening and correction of imperfections; your nails will be perfectly smooth, well groomed and they will not chip
  • thanks to the double roughness our DUO file saves place and time
  • DUO file with double roughness adapts to the character and quality of nail
  • our DUO file is suitable for natural and for artificial nails as well

pedicure crystal glass nail file link

Aveniro  - Glass Files - in packaging

Aveniro  - Glass Files 

Aveniro  - Glass Files - nail files

Aveniro  - Glass Files - nail files

Aveniro  - Glass Files - nail files - up=harsh side - down=normal side

Aveniro  - Glass Files - nail file

Aveniro  - Glass Files 
Aveniro  - Glass Files - foot file - smooth file

Aveniro  - Glass Files - foot file - harsh side
Aveniro  - Glass Files - foot file

PR* Aveniro  - Glass Files